Terms and Conditions

mumbaichessmall.com is a web service/product owned and run by company Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd, with its place of business Mumbai, India.

These Terms & Conditions regulate the use of all products and services provided by Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd, the website “www.mumbaichessmall.com” and its content included. 

BY USING THE WEBSITES mumbaichessmall.com (AND THEIR CONTENT) AND/OR SERVICES OF mumbaichessmall.com, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS AND ACCEPT THEM IN FULL INCLUDING ANY AMENDMENTS, REVISIONS OR CHANGES MADE IN THESE CONDITIONS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE CONDITIONS OR IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE BOUND BY THEM, DO NOT USE THE mumbaichessmall.com WEBSITE, PRODUCTS OR SERVICES.  The company Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to revise or change these conditions in accordance with its consideration to reflect legal, technical or any other change in status quo with no prior notice. The latest update of this agreement is available on the websites “www.mumbaichessmall.com”. Therefore all users are strongly recommended to read this agreement carefully and search for updates. These documents are valid in compliance with the latest update.

General Overview

The agreement conditions agreement is between Us (Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd) and the Users. No other person is entitled to benefit from this agreement.

If any court or regulator decides that any provision of these Terms of Service is invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be severed and deleted from these Conditions and the remainder terms and conditions shall continue to have full force and effect.

If the Conditions are inconsistent with the conditions noted on your registration with mumbaichessmall.com (if applicable), the Conditions will prevail, unless otherwise specified on additional documents supplied by the Customer Care Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd.

1. Definitions

Wherever found in the Conditions, “You”, “Your” and “User”, it refers to the user of the website, products and/or services of mumbaichessmall.com and this is how these words and related words shall be interpreted. Also words “We”, “Our” and “mumbaichessmall.com” refer to the company Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd. and should be interpreted accordingly. The expression “User Information” refers to the personal details that can be collected by Us on the website mumbaichessmall.com and/or at the time of registration and/or acquisition to/of any services or products of mumbaichessmall.com. The expression “Our websites” refers to the websites “www.mumbaichessmall.com” and all websites that are associated with it. However, the expression “websites mumbaichessmall.com” refers to the websites of our users, this means the websites created using the system mumbaichessmall.com. The “Third Party” refers to any person/subject/company which are not associated to Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd.

2. Services Available

2.1 Start Free Trial

One or more Videos will be made available to You free of charge. Additional trial terms and conditions can appear on the trial registration webpage.  If any such additional terms and conditions exist, they are incorporated into this agreement by reference and they are legally binding.

All data that you enter into the services, and any customizations that you make to the services by or for you, during your start free trial will remain in your system and they will be fully available for further use.

Please go through the Trial Videos during so that You become familiar with the features and functions of the Services before making Your credit order.

2.2 Paid services

The Purchased Services shall be made available to You pursuant to this agreement and the relevant Order Forms. You agree that Your purchases hereunder are not contingent on the delivery of any future functionality or features and that they are not dependent on any oral or written public comments which We made regarding future functionality or features.

3. Paid Services

If not stated otherwise, all fees are in Rupees or U.S. Dollars (which depends on the currency that You select). You are fully responsible for the payments of all fees and applicable taxes that are associated with our Sites and Services and the method of valid payment.

All fees are subtracted from Your credit account that is filled with the money based upon your free consideration which is related to the future Use of the Services. In case the subscription period of your account is exhausted and You cannot order any services, Your account remains available for You with a limitation on use of paid functionality of the Services anyway.

4.User Content

You may not display, transmit or share User Content on the website or service which You did not create or which you have not permission to post. You understand and agree that Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd. can, but is not obliged to, review the website and can delete or completely remove any site content or user content without any notice in its complete discretion, for any reason or no reason, including user content that in the sole judgement of mumbaichessmall.com violates this agreement or that can be offensive, illegal, or which may violate the rights, harm or threaten user´s safety or safety of the others. You are fully responsible at your sole cost and expenses for creating backup copies and replacing any user content that you post or store on the website or that you provide to mumbaichessmall.com.

5. Contract and the Revocation of the Contract

5.1 Contract

Binding contract is made between You and mumbaichessmall.com at the moment of Your order. It is taken as confirmed once the payment is finished. “Successfully completed payment” is defined in a way that the sole amount is paid, and in the administration of Your account the invoice can be found in the section “Administration” under the button “Wallet- Transaction”. You cannot ask for cancellation of the services ordered.

5.2 Revocation of the Contract

You can ask for revocation of all the services at any time in case no fee refund is demanded. The request for cancellation of services or their change (ie. anything that has the effect on functionality of Your project) has to be presented by You (project owner) in written  form (by e-mail), from the e-mail address used when registering their project.

5.3 Contract Duration

Contracts about purchase of additional services are concluded for the period of 1 year. For other services, if not stated differently upon purchase, the contract ends once the service is activated.

6. Payments, Fees and Compensations

6.1 Payment

It is possible to pay for the services by Debits cards or credit cards.

6.2 Currency

If it is not stated differently, all fees are quoted in Rupees or US Dollars (depending on the currency that You had selected). User is responsible for the payment of all the fees and related taxes that are associated with our website and services using a valid method of payment.

6.3 Date of Payment and Date of Activation

Date of payment is given based on confirmation of successful receipt of appropriate amount from the payment method provider. 

7. Service Usage

Paragraphs 7.1-7.8 define acceptable usage of mumbaichessmall.com services. The activities which are against those or are forbidden in any other way, are in violation of the Conditions and therefore subject to limitation of services provided. More information can be found here.

7.1 Content

As a User of mumbaichessmall.com you are bound not to send or distribute any materials through mumbaichessmall.com website, that could be considered threatening, defamatory, obscene, causing harm to people’s health, pornographic, or of other illegal nature. It is also strictly forbidden to publish any materials that could somehow violate or infringe, the rights of mumbaichessmall.com or the rights of the others (including, but not limited to confidentiality rights, intellectual property rights and privacy rights) as well as any activities which might be a cause of our or other´s fear or inconvenience. Apart from those You are not allowed to express opinions which are vulgar, sexist, crude, racist or offensive in other ways. Our Users are recommended to treat each other with respect and politeness.

7.2 Ownership of the Content

The user is bound to the fact that he/she will not post or make otherwise available any materials that they do not own on the mumbaichessmall.com website with no express consent of the owner in law.

7.3 User Participation in Events

Users will follow the rules of any competitions, promotional or marketing campaigns which they could participate on our website.

7.4 Interference

You will not take any acts or behave in a way that could affect functionality or security of the website mumbaichessmall.com and you will neither cause unreasonable uncomfort of the staff of Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd s.r.o.

7.5 Identity

The User will neither impersonate any entity or person, nor misrepresent their relation to another person or entity.

7.6 SPAM

The User will not promote their mumbaichessmall.com project by sending SPAM (ie.  e-mail sent to addresses with no prior permission). Nor can they use our emails to send SPAM (ie. group emails sent to addresses with no prior permission).

8. Intellectual Property

All copyright work, materials, trademarks and other parts of the website mumbaichessmall.com, or parts supplied together with mumbaichessmall.com website that are protected by copyright, remain, under any circumstance, ownership of mumbaichessmall.com or its providers. You are not entitled to use such protected content or material without having explicit authorization of mumbaichessmall.com or particular provider. The authorization relates only for the use described in Conditions and no other. You are neither not allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, commercially use or benefit in any form from such materials or content, nor can You assist at or enable activities listed above to the third party.

In case you become aware of the fact that the Conditions are being violated in any way, you agree to notify Us immediately.

9. Violation of Conditions

In case of failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions stated in Article 7 and/or participation in activities breaking these Conditions, You are liable to legal prosecution or direct disciplinary action. The decision to start disciplinary action (including but not limited to interruption of providing all services) is fully under consideration of mumbaichessmall.com and can be executed with no need to state the reason.

Please report any offence against the Conditions or laws valid in Your country immediately. In case You want to inform Us about any such activities, please inform us by email prafulzaveri@indianchessschool.com.

10. Interruption/Termination of Services Provided

We reserve the right to instantly terminate or suspend providing Our services temporarily to Our customers who violated (or who are reasonably suspect that they have violated) our Conditions. We can also terminate providing Our services in case we notice You behave in an inappropriate way, which is solely based on Our consideration with no need to state the reason.

11. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any damage to our users or the third party, damage to their hardware caused directly, indirectly, or accidentally as a result of the use of our products and/or services, or through material downloaded. we are not responsible fo the damage caused to uses or third parites as a result of inability to use our products and/or services and/or websites, nor for direct or indirect connection with such situation. Your use of the services is done solely at your own risk and upon your decision, and you, only you, are solely responsible for any harm caused to your pc or any device, or fo any data loss caused by downloading any materials.

You expressly agree and understant that your use of products, services and websites of mumbaichessmall.com website.

11.1 Third Parties

We are neither responsible for nor do We endorse any content, advertising, services or products available through the websites of the third parties. All transactions made between You and the third party made available through the mumbaichessmall.com website, including payments and service deliveries and any other conditions, warranties or links associated with these third parties, are between You and the particular entity. Therefore Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd s.r.o. is in any case not responsible for any damage/loss that could occur.

11.2 Warranty Exclusion

mumbaichessmall.com, its subsidiaries and its licence providers DO NOT WARRANT that:

  • The services that You will use will match your requirements
  • Your use of products and services will not be interrupted, will be timely, secure or free from viruses or errors
  • Information obtained when using Our products or services will be accurate and reliable
  • Operational or functional defects of any software will be fixed

No advice or information, no matter if oral or written, that you obtain from mumbaichessmall.com, will not create any responsibility or obligation which is not expressly stated in these Conditions.

Furthermore, mumbaichessmall.com expressly disclaims any warranties and conditions, whether implied, or expressed, including, but not limited to expected warranties and conditions of marketability and/or suitability for a particular purpose.

12. Limitation of Liability

Apart from the general arrangements in the Disclaimer above, you expressly AGREE WITH THE FACT, THAT mumbaichessmall.com, ITS SUBSIDIARIES AND PROVIDERS HAVE NO LIABILITY TO YOU FOR THE CASES STATED IN PARAGRAPHS 12.1 TO 12.4

12.1 General

Any direct, indirect, incidental, specific, consequential or exemplary damage that can be caused by Your action, with no regard to their origin or to hypothesis of their origin. This includes, but is not limited to, any possible loss of profit (no matter if it occured directly or indirectly), any loss of trust or business reputation, data loss, costs of obtaining substitutional goods or services or other intangible loss.

Any damage or loss that can be incurred to You, including, but not limited to those as a result of:

  • any reliance on completeness, accuracy or existence of information of any kind that is displayed on the website;
  • any allowed change made by mumbaichessmall.com as a part of their service, or any permanent or temporary cancellation in providing particular services or offers (as well as any functions connected with these services);
  • Disruption, deletion or failure to store any content or other communication transferred or maintained through Your use of the services;
  • Not providing relevant and accurate information from User;
  • Password loss or the loss of access to Your account caused by You, or  making  access to Your account or to password available to the third party

12.2 Jurisdiction

The limitations to liability of mumbaichessmall.com to You stated in paragraph 12.1 are valid both whether Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd. has or has not been notified of possible loss or whether it could or should have been aware of them. Legal limitations lawful in Your jurisdiction do also apply to You.

12.3 Information Provided on the mumbaichessmall.com Website

We are neither responsible, nor liable to:

  • Material created by Users, especially, but not limited to those which are posted on blogs and/or forums. We also state that we do not endorse such materials and they do not need to express our opinions. We reserve the right to monitor these materials, answer, make comments, edit or refuse to post, delete any content fully upon Our consideration. Such act of not doing so, does not mean that We agree with, constitute or endorse such contribution;
  • Accuracy, reliability or timing of any information/statement on mumbaichessmall.com websites, we are neither responsible for announcements, advice and/or opinions published by Users on blogs and forums (except to the extent demanded by law). In case You have any claim which arises from activities and/or statements of other User, You agree that You will enforce such claim against that particular User and not against the company Indian Chess School Pvt. Ltd s.r.o.;
  • Quality, suitability or accuracy of mumbaichessmall.com website, except to that required by the law. Anyway, we will make all reasonable effort to provide the services in the most professional way;
  • Any untrue fraudulent statements, any injuries or death caused by Our dereliction. We are not responsible for any loss/damage caused to You or the third party that can be taken as a result of the use or related to Your use of the mumbaichessmall.com website.

13. Continuous Improvement Process

As the quality of services and products we provide belongs to our main priorities, we continuously improve our services/products (Continuous Improvement Process), both in technological as well as user-friendly means.

14. Feedback

As a part of the Continuous Improvement Process of mumbaichessmall.com, any comments or suggestions to any parts of Conditions are welcome. In case You want to contribute with Your comment, do so by sending an e-mail to prafulzaveri@indianchessschool.com